Fly tying: Craft-fur Clouser

I love fishing Clousers. I hate tying with bucktail. I can never seem to get the bucktail material to lie flat and stay flat. Most of my Clousers tied with yellow and white bucktail have splayed tails and likely swim like nothing a fish predator has ever seen.

Craft Fur Clouser

Thanks to Tim Flagler, I realize now that I have options when it comes to tying Clousers. In the video above, Flager ties the classic baitfish imitation using craft fur, which is so much easier to work with, at least for me. And, if you're worried about what it looks like to the fish, check this out: 

Clouser Comparison

With the fall striper blitz under way on the East Coast, the Craft-fur Clouser might be a viable alternative at the vise. The differences are pretty subtle, if you ask me. Give it a shot and see what you think.

— Chris Hunt


said on Friday, October 20th, 2017

Lots of synthetic materials (most no doubt petroleum based) are easier to work with then natural materials.  However, synthetic material usually does not break down, so remains in the stream/ocean/lake for a long, long time.  (Same goes for stainless steel and some other hooks.)  For those reasons--plus the fact that I lose a lot of flies!--I prefer tying with natural materials and hooks that will rust away.


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