Fly Tying: Polish Quill Parachute Emerger

HOOK: TMC 206BL (Caddis larva, emergers, curved shank, fine wire, 2x short)

THREAD: 8/0 Black

ABDOMEN: Polish Quill Natural

UV RESIN: Deer Creek Diamond Fine



HACKLE: Grizzly 


Step 1:  Make smooth and even wrap of thread on hook.

Step 2: Tie in the Polish Quill (Hand stripped peacock quill)

Step 3: Make even wraps with the polish quill, slightly over lapping it. 

Step 4: Apply a very thin layer of UV Resin, then cure it. 

Step 5: Cut a thin strip of foam, make a loop and tie it in for the post. 

Step 6: Trim the foam and secure it on the hook. 

Step 7: Tie in the hackle.

Step 8: Add dubbing to the thread.

Step 9: Dub in front and back of the post.

Step 10: Wrap the hackle around the post.

Step 11: Secure down the hackle, whip finish the fly.


said on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Nice tie! That looks like a beauty. I bet it floats in the film beautifully.

I've never played with the UV resin, but you seem to love it. Can you tell me more about what you like about it?

said on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Thank you Brennan!  I like to apply a light coat of the resin on certain materials to make them stronger, plus it really brings out the color and shine - on biots, stripped peacock herl, thread bodies, latex (Flex resin). I also apply it to the thread right before I whip finish, then zap with light to cure to set my knot instead of using crazy glue. The resin has no scent and I only use Deer Creek because it is truly tack free.

said on Monday, January 27th, 2014

Awesome Aileen... thank you! It's on the home page today!


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