Flyanthropy Flies Use Fly Tying To Bring Aid To Those In Need

Innate Fly Fishing Company LLC is a company that is committed to using fly fishing to make a difference. 

In Thailand, there is a town called Trat which is neglected by the government, leading to an extreme lack of resources and jobs. 

In this province, it is common for family members to leave and search for better jobs in hopes of sending money back to their families. However, this is often unsuccessful, and their relatives in Trat are left penniless in an area with no jobs or resources. The Flyanthropy project gives high quality jobs to these impoverished people by providing them with extremely high wages, health benefits, and educational benefits. These people are extremely thankful for the opportunity that these jobs allow them. 

The wages offered to the Flyanthropy artists are higher than any job that they previously could have imagined obtaining, and efforts to help their children attend school, through measures such as supplying school uniforms for the children have already been accomplished. 

No longer are these families waiting in vain for a response from their loved one who left in hopes of sending back money. 

While these flies are backed by the highest quality ethics, they are also made with the highest level materials and are put through a rigorous 4 step quality check method before they are allowed to leave the Flyanthropy studio. Only materials such as Whiting feathers, Uni-threads, Hareline Dubbing, and others are used in these flies. 

Not only are Flyanthropy flies an amazing fly to use, they help those in need. By using these flies, you can help an amazing cause, while recieving an amazing fly!


said on Thursday, August 7th, 2014

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