Four sub-species. One day.

Photo by Ryan Dorgan

Four sub-species, all in their native drainages, all in one day. Think you could do it?

Trout Unlimited's Steven Brutger and Casper Star Tribune outdoor reporter, Christine Peterson completed Wyoming's famed "cuttslam" in under 24 hours.

The cuttslam is a challenge put out by the Wyoming Game and Fish to raise awareness about the state's native trout, which was experiencing massive declines due to a number of factors such as dams, roads, introduction of non-native species, habitat degredation and separation from their spawning grounds. The program was created in the mid-90s and since then more than 1,000 cuttslams have been completed.

Some were completed in the 24 hour window. But not many.

"I didn't think we had a chance," Peterson wrote in her article that appeared in today's Casper Star. "Game and Fish's chief of fisheries laughed on the phone when I told him the idea. If we each caught a couple and saw a chunk of their native range, I'd be happy.

But then we landed the first three."

Read more about Peterson's quest for the four sub-species of cutthroat and the work Trout Unlimited has been doing in the state of Wyoming to restore it's native fish.



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