Great Meeting!

Thanks to those who attended Wednesday's 5RTU meeting at the Lost Dog. We heard a great presentation from Ridgway guide Matt McCannel about the many waters just to the north of us in Gunnison Country.
Anyone who came away from the meeting NOT wanting to make a trip through the Gunnison Gorge might want to consider switching hobbies.
As far as news goes, McCannel had some very interesting things to report about the Uncompahgre tailwater. He reported that the installation of new turbines at the dam above the tailwater should result in massive improvements in water chemistry in that year-round fishery. The river has been suffering from excess nitrogen in winter, but the addition of the turbines combined with the higher flows needed to power them should mean nothing but a bright future for this sometimes overlooked fishery. McCannel predicted biomass increases of 10 percent per year each year for the next several years.
McCannel also had some intriguing tips on other big-fish and cutthroat destinations in his area of expertise. These secrets will remain known only to those who attended the meeting. For those who missed it - too bad! There is good reason to make it to meetings.
Thanks again to those who attended. It was a great turnout!


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