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The Greenbacks, a group of young conservation-minded anglers from Colorado, have been hard at work recently protecting the fish that shares their name. For years they have been helping to make conservation fun and engaging while promoting and protecting cold water fisheries.

With your help and the persistence of the Greenbacks Bear Creek, and its greenback trout residents, will be around for many generations to come.

Your donation, no matter the size, goes directly to:

  • Restoring and maintaining the access road next to Bear Creek to prevent further erosion from entering the stream and damaging the habitat for its resident greenback cutthroats.
  • Proliferation of greenbacks through supporting stocking programs and the gear required for our volunteers to successfully pack fish into remote areas.
  • Seed money to leverage larger grants for in-stream restoration projects.

Let's give them some help. Spread the word wide and far to help the Greenbacks and Colorado's state fish succeed.


So many in the Fly Fishing industry and community have shared this to help support the Greenbacks and their campaign, so why don't you?

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