I am a singer-songwriter and musician currently making a new album, and I'd like to help Trout Unlimited in the process!

In David James Duncan's "The River Why", the protagonist finds enlightenment at the headwaters of his home river with a big fish on. Similarly, I have spent a lot of time searching out headwaters streams for inspiration, for enlightenment, and for trout.

I started an album of new songs exploring this idea while working at the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park a few years ago. Now I live in Utah and have finished the record. It will come out in June. 

Currently I am raising support to make the album better and to get my music heard by as many people as possible. The album is called Headwaters and explores stories I've gathered working seasonaly over the years. My campaign runs through the end of April. As of this writing I have reached 83% of the goal amount. With that goal in sight, I don't want to stop.

And so to encourage continued support, I have decided to give 50% of any funds raised in excess of the goal amount (minus expenses) to Trout Unlimited. I don't know what that amount may be, so I could use some help getting the word out. Here's a link to my crowd funding page at Rocket Hub if you'd like to take a look and a listen. 




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