The Henry’s Fork is an American Classic... and Getting Better

Few phrases enshrined in the Pantheon of fishing clichés are more recognizable, or shopworn, than “The fishing ain’t what it used to be.” Few, too, are more universally accepted as representing an unfortunate truth about the state of our sport.

On the legendary Railroad Ranch of Idaho’s Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, the fishing is, indeed, not what it used to be. It is better. This did not happen by accident, and — to give the cliché its due — it happened in response to a decline in the river’s famed rainbow trout population. On the Henry’s Fork, a handful of people, consisting of representatives of the organizations and agencies that your contributions and license dollars support, worked in cooperation with farmers and ranchers to bring about a fisheries conservation effort worthy of emulation wherever trout live.

It's not just abused streams that can be improved. Even the finest trout waters can be made better. TU's own Stephen Trafton, former Executive Director for the Henry's Fork Foundation, talks about the hard work that improved the already spectacular fishing on this gem of the rockies.

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