Hermosa: a tale of unique stakeholders

Last week’s House subcommittee hearing was host to some heated debate but not when it came to a piece of legislation dealing with Hermosa Creek outside of Durango.


We’re used to D.C. being the scene of some intense battles, but we have to admit - hearing across the board support for conservation legislation was well, heart warming.


Hermosa is a unique take on conservation that looks to protect an entire watershed - not just parts or pieces of it. In total more than 108,000 acres will be protected through a variety of solutions.


The Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act has been on the Trout Unlimited docket for some time and the legislation has brought a wide array of people to the table, faces that surprised even the subcommittee - people like county commissioners, conservationists, motorized users and non-motorized users alike.


One of those faces includes current bill sponsor, Scott Tipton who spoke in favor of the bill.


"When it comes to land-use designations, I support a balanced approach that includes respecting the environment that we all deeply value while making sure that the best use of our natural resources are available, as well," Tipton said during the hearing. "Recreation, preservation, access and job creation are all important aspects of the multiple-use mandate of which these lands are truly intended."



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