Hermosa Creek Work Day

The Five Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited is thrilled to offer members and friends the chance to help native cutthroat trout thrive - and to have a good time doing it.
     We are looking for up to 50 people willing to get their hands dirty Saturday, July 12, as we take the next steps in our long-term Hermosa Creek cutthroat restoration project.
    This is a major project!
    Beginning at 9 a.m., we will work to restore disturbed areas around the fish barrier constructed last fall on the East Fork of Hermosa Creek. Crew members will also be breaching beaver dams by hand and perhaps, pending further Forest Service decisions, install "beaver deceiver" devices to stabilize flows through the East Fork Valley.
    Managing the beaver dams is part of the US Forest Service's plan to restore cutthroats in the entire Upper Hermosa Creek drainage. While cutts thrive in the upper end of the East Fork, non-native species have taken hold in the lower end of the stream and in the other upper forks. Effective removal of non-native species requires draining beaver dams to remove refuges for non-native trout. Five Rivers TU has helped the Forest Service with this cutthroat restoration for several years now.     
     We will meet at 9 a.m. near the East Fork river crossing to the corrals. This area is at the bottom of Forest Road 578, the road leading into Hermosa Valley behind Purgatory. We will provide gloves, water and sodas. You can provide work clothes, waders, your lunch and your muscles! Please consider carpooling.  

Contact 5RTU President Buck Skillen if yo can help us!
We need to know how many people will be coming, so please call Buck at 382-8248 or email him at fpope@bresnan.net
to let us know you can make it.
Thank you!



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