Hokendauqua Chapter 'Annual Fly Tying Classes'

Hokendauqua Chapter runs an annual eight consecutive weeks Beginner's Fly Tying Class. Each week instructions on two different flies are demonstrated with the aid of a Powerpoint slide presentation. We start with a very basic fly and end the eighth week  with a more advanced fly. The students then tie two copies of each fly. There are many volunteers to assist students one on one.  With the basics taught in the classes the students should have the ability to tie almost any pattern they can find. (For more advanced training we offer a free fourth Wednesday of the month Fly Tying Session.)

All materials and  a 108 page manual are given to the students. Loaner tool kits are available for those that don't have the tools. A two DVD set of videos which parallels the class is offered for a donation.

Classes are held on Saturday mornings and start at 9:00 AM. They usually last about two hours. They are currently held in the Cafeteria of the Northampton Area Middle School  (see map below) which is off of Laubach Ave. in Northampton, PA. Park in U-shaped parking lot and enter third floor through right most door (handicap accesible). Overflow parking in other lots. Follow hallway in to cafeteria. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and donuts are available for a donation. If there are two inches of snow on the ground the class is postponed until the following week.

We have had anywhere from 35 - 70 students, but there are enough volunteers to assist the students after the powerpoint demonstration. The powerpoint and the manual were developed by member Tony Pavone. A 'Brochure'  with an application is available for download on the Links to Documents page. To avoid delays, please sign up in advance.

A voluntary raffle is held each week. Items such as Fly Tying Kits, t-shirts, logo patches and DVDs are available for a donation. Proceeds support our many stream improvement projects and youth education.

Changes have been made to the course starting with the 2018 session. The changes are listed below.


Due to the comments received and the observations made during the classes the chapter's Board of Directors decided to make some improvements to the classes as follows:


· Each week the class will begin at 9:00 AM instead of 9:30 AM with class going till 12:00 PM if needed. This will give us a little more time to complete all flies.

· Tools and their proper use will be explained in detail at the beginning of the course.

· With the extra time, facilitators can better explain the techniques the students will learn that day and why it's important for them to learn them.

· Pictures, videos and naturals will be on display to show the different food sources that trout eat.

· Materials will be handed out after the demo of each fly. Each fly taught will have its own bag to eliminate confusion as to what material to use for that particular fly. We want students paying attention to demo, not tying at that time.

· Larger hooks will be used to make tying a little easier.

· Students will be seated closer to the front of the class in order to view and hear the presentation better. At times there is too much commotion at the rear of the room. The possibility of using a public address system will be considered.

· Students age 12 and under will be required to have a parent or guardian with them at all times during the course sessions.

· The manual will be in CD format for those desiring it. The manual will be given at the start of the course enabling the student to use it while tying the flies. At the end of the course the student may exchange the undamaged manual for the CD version. Student gets either the CD or the Booklet to keep.

· The cost of the course is being raised to $40 for adults and $15 for youth 16 and under. If a Youth Student attends at least six weeks of classes the fee will be refunded. Project Healing Waters Veterans are still free as their cost is covered by that program. Cost of the materials, CD and manuals has gone up significantly since our last increase.


We hope these changes will make for a better experience for future and returning students.




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