If you could only fish one setup...

Fly fisherman are notorious gearheads. From hand-cut skagit heads and complicated dry fly leader formula's to the jumble of rod tubes most of have stashed in some corner of the house -- we tinker, we obsess and we collect.

What would you choose if you could only fish one rod, reel and line setup for the rest of your days? We'll give out extra credit for including an all-purpose fly as well.

My choice

I'd have to go with my 9" 5wt Sage SLT, paired with my Waterworks/Lamson UFA Force spooled with a Rio Gold line. I've fished this setup all over the country, from landlocked salmon in Maine to picky giant rainbows on the Henry's Fork. It's got enough backbone to cast a double indicator rig, but loads deep enough into the butt that I don't feel like I'm waving a broomstick.


said on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

I'm not much on specifics, unless I'm salwater fishing, and then gear becomes very important. For me, though, I'd go small and light...

I'd likely go with an older-generation Scott glass rod--say ... 7-foot 3-weight with corresponind Ross reel and good old Cortland 333 floating line.

I realize I'm relegating myself to small water, and that's the plan... backcountry fly fishing is my passion. 

said on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Winston BIIIx 9' 6wt with Nautilus FWX 5/6 reel loaded with Rio Gold line.  This is my go to rod and I have found that it can do a lot. Big drys, wind, dry/dropper, bobber.  Great rod and a pleasure to cast.  One fly...that's tough....probably a stimulator or adams.

said on Friday, August 23rd, 2013

It would be a small stream rig. Orvis Superfine 7 foot, 4 wt rod. 5 wt line to overload it casting short distances. One fly: for small streams, that's easy, Ausable Bomber


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