Important message: TU 225 Narragansett Chapter Board of Directors to our fellow members in regards to recent postings on the Protect Rhode Island Brook Trout Faceboook Page.

The Board of Directors and officers of the Narragansett Chapter of TU have been following the postings on this site. Anyone who is interested in this page should be aware of the following:


    1. The Board has reviewed the policy of TU National as it applies to the Wood River, and specifically, how it applies to the area where the Chapter assists the RI DEM by float stocking. Discussions at several Board meetings have resulted in the following:


         a. At each decision point in the decision matrix provided by TU National, there was no consensus. Each point could be debated as either a yes or no answer.


        b. The Q and A document provided by TU National, intended to assist Chapters in applying the policy, did not help clarify the policy.


        c. As a result, the Board agreed that we needed additional information to make a clear decision on the applicability of the policy. The Board created the Habitat Assessment Group and charged the group to obtain the necessary information during a one year time frame allotted to accomplish this work. The Board will evaluate any and all information provided by the posters on this site. As the focus of TU 225 is on action not debate or editorializing from the sidelines, we strongly encourages those who are interested in the outcome of this study to join the HAG and actively participate in this effort.

*(The HAG report was further voted on to become a 3 year study. To Date the Chapter has completed year two and is now in the third year of the review)


        d. We will publish the results of the Habitat Assessment Group when completed.


        e. After many debates at our general membership meetings, the announcement of the formation of the Habitat Assessment Group, and the presentation of the timeline, a member presented a motion to the membership to immediately comply with (his personal interpretation of) the TU National policy and stop Chapter participation in DEM stockings. The membership soundly defeated this motion by a vote of 24 to 4.



( As a resullt of more mebership discussions the Narragansett Chapter as an orginization does not initiate or contribute to the current stocking of any Trout in any RI Water ways.)




The Board of Directors and the officers of this Chapter have selected a process that will enable an informed decision on this issue in a reasonable time frame. We do not intend to re-debate this issue at every membership meeting while the study is ongoing. To Summarize, TU225 is working to clarify the applicability of TU National's stocking policy in the Wood River, but instead of blindly applying the policy, this Chapter intends to make the necessary decision based on the information that is directly applicable to the Wood River. This decision will also involve working with our partners in protecting the Wood for all users of this multi-customer watershed. Making an exppedient decision on the applicability of this confused policy statement would be unfair and a blatant disservice to our members, partners, and other people who enjoy the Wood river and the Arcadia Management Area. 


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