GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAIN TROUT UNLIMITED CHAPTER would like to thank everyone who joined us and attended the "IRON MAN FLY CONTEST 2018"!

Due to the fly tiers entry fees and donations from the crowd we were able to raise enough money to sponsor a deserving boy or girl this summer to "TROUT CAMP" in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at the Tremont Institute! A big thank you goes out to our fly tying competitors who each year bravely risk their sanity and ego in front of a crowd to tie anything thrown at them in a timed 3 round event. This is a fast paced competition that stretches their skills and nerves as they tie nuts, bolts, blindfolded, and this year I even took their vises away in one round! It is one thing to tie in your own home and at your leisure but to tie in this type of event you better bring your A game! We were especially proud this year to have a such a diverse group of tiers not only in age but 20% of our tiers were women and for the first time ever a woman won one of the three rounds. Hats off to all of them!

This year also was the year of the young guns as our overall competition winner was 18 year old and UT-Knoxville freshman Will Bailey. This was Will's second year competing and winning in the "IRON MAN FLY CONTEST" as he started last year with us as a high school senior where he won an event. Thanks to all our winners!

We also want to thank all our sponsors who again stepped up to the plate and donated all the great prizes and goody bags that the fly tiers were given. It is through our sponsors continued generosity that makes this event possible; thanks to Little River Outfitters, Southern Trout Magazine, 3 Rivers Angler and Smoky Mountain Angler.

" Our winners from left to right: Will Bailey, Johnnie Garrison, Kevin Coughlin, and Katelyn Hillmeyer


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