Just read Greg Thomas' excellent article on Orvis....

in the Winter edition of Trout. Just wanted to add to Greg's excellent article. When I started fly fishing I took a beginning lesson from a noted fly fishing store paying $125 for the experience. Good lesson and worth the money. When my cousin wanted to get into fly fishing I found that Orvis offered free beginning and intermediate lessons and a free class on fly tying. I took the beginning lesson with my cousin and later, the fly tying class. Both great classes with two Orvis people who were passionate fly fishermen and great instructors. I'm guessing that Orvis has allowed many people who wouldn't have spent $125 as an entry fee, or families where the expense would have been a barrier to get into fly fishing. About 95% of my equipment, Rods, reels, waders, flies, nets, etc. are the Orvis brand now just because of this and the 5% program. They also promote Trout Unlimited by providing a free membership with the lessons. Good business strategy and good caretakers of the sport and environment.


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