Kettle Creek (Northcentral Pennsylvania)

The Kettle Creek watershed drains 246 square miles of Tioga, Potter and Clinton counties in northcental Pennsylvania and an estimated 70 miles of class A trout waters exist in the upper Kettle Creek watershed. Kettle Creek begins in the Susquehannock State Forest in Potter County, and flows through part of Tioga County before meeting the West Branch of the Susquehanna River in Clinton County. Anglers and hunters flock to the region for a quiet sporting experience in one of the most wild sections of the state. Marcellus Shale development threatens that unvarnished experience.

With more than 40 wells permitted within a 4-mile radius of the headwaters of Kettle Creek, the industrial footprint of the industry has the potential to mar the sporting experience here for years to come. New roads developed for truck travel through existing wilderness will alter the landscape and habitat and cause irreversible damage to the area. Erosion and sedimentation from industrial-scale traffic may adversely affect the surrounding area. Much has been invested in the restoration of Kettle Creek and these stream improvements would be threatened by any nearby large-scale industrial development.

To prevent further damage to the Kettle Creek watershed, certain areas—such as the lands that surround critical headwater streams—- should be off limits to gas drilling.


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