Maven - Even When It's Cold

We left home in the inky black of a December morning, and headed north as snow skittered across the deserted highway. The truck said the outside temperature was -8 degrees F. We could only guess at the windchill. Cold. Biting, gnawing cold. I’ve come to love these late season whitetail hunts, but sometimes the conditions can turn a bit arctic. I knew it would be colder where we would hunt that day.


I was right. The valley of the North Platte River was shrouded in ice fog when we got there, and the temperature was -13 degrees F. When the sun came up, it hung low and pale in the eastern sky. We bundled up in camo fleece from nose to toes and began to look for deer. Finding them was no problem.

The corn had been cut in the irrigated fields along the creek, and they had spent the night feeding there. They would work their way back into the Sandhills to the east this morning. Our plan was to intercept them as they did. We found them almost immediately.


But we also found that some things work better when they are warm. When Stub tried to adjust his scope, he found that the adjustment rig was frozen. When he tried to open the action on his rifle, he found that was frozen as well. It took us longer to thaw out his rifle than it did to get him on a deer. But all the time we struggled with nearly everything that we owned to make it work in this bitter cold, I kept watching one group of deer and then another through my Maven binoculars. They never froze up, they never fogged up. They just worked – smooth, sharp and dependable, as always.


I’ve used binoculars pretty much all of my 61 years. I’ve used cheap glass and I’ve used very expensive glass. I’ve used all the European glass, tried lots of binoculars that cost more than my first truck. The straight up truth is that I simply can’t justify spending $2,500 for binoculars, no matter how good they are. Now, for way less than half that price, comes Maven – a Lander, WY company run by people who really know and live in the outdoors - with high end quality at a midrange price. These binoculars work when everything else is frozen solid. Check out Maven – they’re a proud member of the TU Team!



Brendon Weaver

Lander, WY 82501

(800) 307-1109


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