Monsters Of Lake Ontario

On a cold day full of sleet and rain, my customer and I set out to find a few fish. Anticipating  the usual brown trout mixed in with a steelhead or two I rigged the 7 weight rods and started my trek upstream on one of Lake Ontario's small tributaries. Within minutes, I saw a shadow in relatively skinny water moving back and forth just near a ledge. I had my client make a few casts towards the object and BAM ! The line went tight and the object morphed into a very large, post spawn brown trout who happened to be very hungry. This 16 pound monster is a trophy for any angler. The fish was released and a photo preserved the moment. 


said on Monday, December 9th, 2013

What a beauty. I recently moved back to the Great Lakes and am really excited to spend more time chasing these big lake-run bruisers. Thanks for sharing.


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