National recognition for the Musky

The Musconetcong River is one of New Jersey's hidden gems--a wild trout fishery tucked in between heavily-traveled suburban roads, it's a 42-mile long river that eventually empties into the Delaware River.

TU and its partners have been working for a number of years to restore the river. We've taken down obsolete mill dams, planted new plants to improve streamside habitat and have worked together with other groups in the watershed to improve the river.

On Friday, the Musconectong River Partnership
received the Coastal America Partnership award, the highest level federal award given to environmental partnerships. Brian Cowden, TU's Musconectcong River project coordinator, accepted the award on TU's behalf.

The Musky, as locals call it, is a prime example of what TU does so well--we're able to create strong community partnerships and execute on-the-ground restoration in a relatively short timeframe, with tangible results. And in an equally short time period, the fishing gets better.

Congrats to Brian and all of our partners for receiving such a prestigious award.


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