New at this

I just started making laminated wooden landing nets. I have produced 15 and thrown away 5 of them. Another 5 have minor flaws that only I would notice. The net pictured in the group icon is the first net that I donated to a TU chapter for a bucket raffle. I am still learning jig design techniques and experimenting with different method of bending the wood strips. I designed my own jig for cutting the slot for the net tying cord. I love the woodworking task and playing around with different wood combinations. I am not so fond of creating my own nets. So far I have purchased net fabric, sewn it onto the frame and then struggled with tying the bottom on the net. I have purchased some presewn nets but found the come in limited sizes.....not the same size as my favorite jig.

I would appreciate people sharing ideas about their techniques. I am NOT in the business of selling the landing nets. I produce them to donate them as fund raisers. I will also donate them to special people.


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