New gear: RIO fly clips and twists

For the gear-fishing community, clips and "swivels" have been around for ages—they make changing lures a breeze and their use is common. Not so much in the fly-fishing world, even though these little tools are perfectly acceptable for fishing nymphs, wet flies and streamers (they probably aren't ideal for dry flies, simply because of their weight). 

RIO Products is introducing new lines of fly clips (in different sizes for different flies) and twists that come in three sizes and are used for bigger streamers that you might use to chase larger fish, like salmon, steelhead, pike or bass. My buddy Chris Walker from RIO demonstrates just how easy it is to use the clips in the video above—and watch behind him, because, now and then, a few small trout can be seen rising. 

Using these items when fishing subsurface not only makes changing flies easier, but it cuts down on tippet and leader loss, keeping you fishing more and tying knots with less frequency. 

— Chris Hunt


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