New Years Resolutionist

I am indeed a post middle age guy and since my birthdayfalls justtwodaysafterthe NewYear starts ( thishappens every year for some reason?) what bettertime than now (i turn 54 on Friday) to set some goals for myself and my TUchapterfor 2014. So, herethey are and I hope you fellow bloggers will  hold me accountable:

1. I will stop pretending thattyping on an iPad is efficient and will add a keyboard to this darnk thing!

2. I will finally catch a coho salmon this year

3. I will work out 5 days a week to get in top shape for my August  Aniak River Alaska trip

4. I will run a mile faster than5:55 before I turn 55 (more on that infuture blogs)

5. PVTU will replant the banks of Kinne Brook (Chester,Mass) after we remove the StroudDam this spring

6. PVTU will evaluate thie success of our 2013 Westfield River riparian planting and adjust and replant as needed

7. PVTU will take the lead on establshing a dedicated coldwater conservation fund for the MA/RI  council in 2014 

8. PVTU will have its most successful fundraising banquet ever this April 4 th


ok, thiat's probably enoughpromises. offto Staples to look for a keyboard.

Happy New Year to everybody in TU Nation!



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