Old Christmas trees gain new life in an Utah stream

East Canyon Creek Christmas Tree Revetments

Have you ever been fishing in a stream and have come across old Christmas trees on the side of the stream? Ever wondered if someone just dumped them there or if they have a purpose?

Recently, a group of local volunteers put old Christmas trees to use on Utah's East Canyon Creek, a tributary to the Weber River. The old trees help reduce streambank erosion and increase habitat and cover for fish, restoring the stream to a more natural state, narrowing and deepening the stream.

This shows how it's done. When the trees are installed, they do a good job of slowing down the streamflow and preventing erosion along the banks. Over time, sediment that is being carried by the stream settles out and buries the trees and provides a great place for vegetation to grow. Eventually, these projects result in narrower and deeper channels…and more fish.

Pretty cool. And only 83 more days 'til Christmas!


said on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Very cool - never knew about this.  appreciate the info.


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