Our Grassroots Fuel — Saving Bristol Bay

Last Friday we came a step closer to one of the most significant conservation victories of our time. The EPA announced that it is moving forward to protect Bristol Bay from industrial scale mining under the authority of the Clean Water Act.

Thank you for giving us the grassroots fuel to make this happen

You, our members and supporters, give us the voice, credibility, inspiration and power to make good things happen for the most important wild salmon fishery in the world, Bristol Bay and the mlocal communities and businesses that depend on it. Even if they live thousands of miles away, Bristol Bay lies near and dear to the hearts of anglers around the globe.

What's next?

Until the EPA finishes its review, Pebble mine will not be able to get a permit to dispose of mine waste in waters and wetlands in and around Bristol Bay. The process will determine if Pebble mine can be developed without impacting the region's irreplaceable salmon runs. The science is already clear that Pebble will destroy salmon habitat, even under the best of circumstances.

We have reached an important milestone for protecting Bristol Bay. But we're not done. We need to make sure the EPA continues the process it started.  

Bristol Bay has long been a top conservation priority for Trout Unlimited. Show your continued support for Bristol Bay by ordering your No Pebble sticker, sending a quick thank you note to the EPA, telling your family and fishing buddies about the news, and visiting our Facebook and Twitter feeds to help spread the word.

So, check out the good news below and bask in a job well done. We are not there yet, but with your help we will be soon. 

The Headlines

Washington Post: EPA takes step toward restricting Pebble Mine project on Alaska's Bristol Bay

Anchorage Daily News: EPA to protect Bristol Bay salmon fishery in move that could lead to Pebble mine veto

National Geographic: EPA Puts Pebble Mine on Hold

New York Times: A Reprieve for Bristol Bay


Photo by Michael Melford


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