PA Gets $12 Million for Kettle Creek Acid Mine Drainage Project

Exciting news for an ongoing restoration effort that has been in the works for Trout Unlimited (and for me, both personally and professionally) for the past 15 years – the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection awarded a $12.2 million contract for one of the state’s largest-ever abandoned coal mine reclamation projects right here in the lower Kettle Creek watershed of northcentral Pennsylvania.  Surrounded by some of the mid-Atlantic’s most beautiful and prolific trout fishing streams, this area also hosts some of the most horrendous acid mine drainage found anywhere in the Appalachian mountains. 

Read more about it in today's Lock Haven Express.

Now that TU has completed all the passive treatment system projects, water quality is improving and native brook trout have started to return on their own from upstream, clean streams – land reclamation of old, abandoned surface mines and deep mines is going to be the key to finishing the restoration of lower Kettle Creek and its tributaries and returning this fishery to its former glory.

--Amy Wolfe, Director,  Eastern Abandoned Mine Program & PA Eastern Brook Trout Habitat Initiative



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