Resolve to Make Fishing Better

I've given this a lot of thought lately, and I honestly can't think of a quality trout or salmon fishery anywhere in this country that hasn't benefitted, in one fashion or another, from the work the folks at Trout Unlimited do.

From protecting intact backcountry habitat in the Rockies to restoring sloughing stream banks in the Driftless to liming native brook trout streams in Appalachia to combat acid rain, TU's work is evident just about everywhere. The collective footprint left by our on-the-ground staff and volunteers is immense. Our record of success is unmatched. 

Simply put, we make fishing better. And we make fishing better for all anglers, whether they write that $35 check to TU each year or not. 

But, given that 2014 is upon us, I urge you to make an investment in your fishing. Resolve to give back to the pasttime that has given you so much. Write that check. Attend a chapter meeting. Get some dirt under your nails planting willows, building fences, moving rock and earth. Leave your own mark. Leave a legacy.

Join TU. Help us make fishing better, for you and for the anglers who will come after you. 


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