Shutdown has a Financial Impact TU Work in PA

If the government shutdown doesn't end soon, Trout Unlimited in Pennsylvania will have incurred about $100,000 in local contractor bills it will have to pay, with no promise of being reimbursed by federal dollars budgeted for a number of restoration projects.

While TU is fiscally sound and could absorb these costs in the short term, the small local companies that hire local employees to do work on these federally funded projects might be forced to lay off staff and leave valuable equipment sitting unused. Should the shutdown last too long, these companies could be forced into bankruptcy, because they're working on the promise of government funding reimbursement. 

We have several projects designed to make fishing better under way in Pennsylvania, and the construction season is nearing an end. Not only will the impact of the shutdown be felt on the local economy, but important haibtat improvement work will be put off, or canceled altogether. And good habit, of course, translates into good fishing.



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