Shutdown Impacts TU Work in Virginia

Impacts from the government shutdown are trickling down to the conservation work TU is doing all across America, including in Virginia, where one project on Beaver Creek in Rockingham County is awaiting Natural Resource Conservation Service approval and another project that's been completed is awaiting a cost-share payment from the NRCS. The latter means that TU won't be able to close its books on the project this fiscal year, which impacts TU's bottom line--no small matter for a national non-profit.

Still another project on U.S. Forest Service land is delayed by the shutdown, and because the construction season is nearly over, it may have to wait until spring, or even summer, depending on the weather. 

And, finally, government websites that provide vital data for things like water levels, GIS information and soil maps aren't functioning during the shutdown, making it difficult for TU projects all over the region to move forward.




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