"Silvester" the Trout

Silvester's latest visit was to a pre-school in the South Bronx where NYC TIC Coordinator, Lillit Genovesi, used Silvester as a way to teach the young children about how trout, although very different from humans, are also very similar in their biology and therefore important indicators of good water quality.

With help from a generous sponsor, we were able to have an artist custom make this unique teaching tool. The trout features internal and external anatomy similar to a real trout including 8 fins, a heart, liver, kidney, swim bladder, intestines, stomach and pyloric ceca.

Silvester is not just for our youngest students, she is also used for teaching anatomy to middle and high school students. Showing up in a NYC classroom with a big trout with removable guts always seems to leave out TIC students with a memorable experience.

To see trout anatomy lesson plans and other TIC lessons and activities please visit the TIC Online Lesson Plan Library: http://www.troutintheclassroom.org/teachers/lesson-plans



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