Small Company, Big Dedication to Conservation

Small Company, Big Dedication to Conservation

Scott Hed - Sportsmens Alliance for Alaska

Leading up to the start of winter “show season,” I asked some of our terrific partner brands from the fly fishing industry to contribute a few prizes for a promotion we ran during the Fly Fishing Show tour circuit.  Several of the usual suspects participated – the big brands that have been around a long time and have been reliable sources of support for conservation efforts, including being leaders in our fight to protect Bristol Bay and one of the planet’s finest wild salmon and trout fisheries.

To round things out, I approached Scott Hunter from Vedavoo about donating one of his handmade packs.  I’ve crossed paths with Scott at several shows in the past few years as he’s been working to build his business.  It’s more difficult for a smaller company to donate than it is for a heavyweight, so I would have understood if the answer had been “I’d really like to, but I just can’t yet.”  But, not only did Scott agree to a donation – he took it a big step further.  Vedavoo produced a one-of-a-kind No Pebble Mine Tightlines sling pack:


Unless you’re Paul from CA, you’re out of luck.

This is the only one of these that’ll ever be made.


Scott just posted a story about why he supports the Save Bristol Bay campaign over on the Vedavoo web site’s “Workshop Journal.”  

And, since there was only one lucky angler who won that one-of-a-kind Tightlines pack, Scott has made sure that the rest of us can show our support for Bristol Bay by producing a line of hand-built custom gear that Vedavoo is selling to help stop the proposed Pebble Mine!  Check out the items here.   Like the waters of Bristol Bay’s rivers, it’s crystal clear that Vedavoo’s conservation ethic is as solid as the gear the company makes.


Scott Hed - Sportsmen's Alliance for Alaska


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