Small World & Good Karma - part deux

On June 14, we posted a blog entry "Small World & Good Karma".  That was a story started by Lyn Vignola, A Pemi TU member who is an instructor for the "Let's Go Fishing" program run by NH Fish & Game.
Lyn was volunteering at a youth fishing derby run by and for the benefit of the Lincoln/Woodstock Recreation Center.  Long story short: Lyn saw that her assistant, Kris, a very polite pre-teen with a love of fishing, had an excellent set of values, and a strong sense of sharing what little he has with others who might need it.  Lyn sent an email describing this and more to the other LGF instructors who had been running a 4 session fly fishing class at Waterville Valley.  This email formed the basis of that blog.
Lyn's story impressed the other LGF instructors, and it took off. Some say the story "had legs", but I think it "grew fins" and swam upstream in a hurry.  Before anyone could blink, someone raised the idea of inviting Kris to be a guest student at the final (casting and fishing) session of the Waterville Valley class to be held on 6/21.  Soon instructors were suggesting items that Kris would need and offering to give them to him.  Lyn and another instructor contacted his parents and they agreed with the plan.  Here's a follow-up email from Lyn after his big day:
Thank you, thank you,  to all the Pemi TU instructors!! Somebody hit the the  flyfishing megabucks! - 5 weight, 8 foot rod, reel & line (big thanks to Roy Coughlin!!),
a wonderful assortment of flies from several of the instructors, fly boxes, a signed copy of "On The Waters: The Joys of Fly-Fishing" by Ray Kucharski, 
a one year membership to Trout Unlimited, Pemi TU T-shirt, Pemi TU sticker, Pemi TU patch, and lots of priceless patience and guidance
…. holy flyfishing jackpot!!!!  Remember that trout he was pining for at the Lincoln/Woodstock Derby? Another student's rainbow provided tonight's dinner! A young man  shell shocked in the best of ways!  
After the dust settles,  I will follow up with mom and dad and Kris, and get back to you regarding his reaction.  I hope to make myself available should he want to get out on the water this summer.  Maybe stop by to give a mini session - ie: teach and leave some materials to practice the improved clinch knot.  Will check in next weekend to give him some nippers, zinger, and forceps and tiny fly box for his vest.
Later, Lyn added:
Dropped off zinger. Line cutters. Hemostats. Little teeny weenie box to fit in his miniature vest pocket. And safety whistle. Mom said they are going to get bigger vest soon for him.
We also invited Kris and his dad to help us out on a NH Fish & Game stream survey in the Beebe River watershed during the week of July 14.  They were both excited about this opportunity and his dad has Monday off.
To bring this all back around to the Small World part of the original blog: we were surprised when 2 students in the class already know Kris – the principle (now retired?) and a teacher from his school.  Both of them said that Lyn’s initial assessment of his character was spot on.
It may take a village to raise a child, but it seems like a TU chapter may be helping to raise a fly fisherman.

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