Southern Culture on the Fly--Conservation and Eggs, TU and Damon Hearne

with Damon Hearne, who works in Asheville, North Carolina as TU's Southeast Land Coordinator. (Thumb through to page 99 for the piece on Hearne. And don't drool too much when you see the breakfast he had while being interviewed.)

Hearne has been working to protect protect some of the best places to hunt and fish--in the Southeast's roadless backcountry.

One of the biggest things Hearne has been working on has been an effort to help protect a key property on the North Mills River. Thanks to a rapid-fire TU grassroots fundraising campaign and a partnership with the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and a new conservation-minded owner, the 78-acre Big Creek Lodge property has been secured from development. This project will protect a key delayed harvest fishery on the property and wild brook trout habitat above the property.



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