Sportsmen Support Protections for Colorado’s San Juan MountainsEdit

The equation has never been complicated – open spaces mean healthier fish and game, which means more hunters and anglers.

More hunters and anglers means more dollars for communities, especially rural ones. In Colorado, hunting and angling generates over $2.1 billion a year and supports 20,000 jobs.

And this week, Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) recognized that equation by reintroducing the San Juan Mountains Wilderness Bill.

The San Juan Mountains Wilderness Act seeks to protect more than 60,000 acres of prime big game habitat and trout river headwaters in San Miguel, Ouray, and San Juan Counties.  The Act would protect additions to existing wilderness areas as well as some of the last remaining large tracts of undisturbed wild lands in the three counties. This proposal has received overwhelming support from the county governments, surrounding towns, regional businesses, adjacent landowners and homeowners associations, as well as local citizens and of course, sportsmen.

Trout Unlimited’ s members stand shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of other hunters and anglers from Colorado and across the country who also support the bill.

Like much of the work we do here, the bill came from a collaborative effort by local stakeholders who live near and often visit this magnificent part of the San Juan Mountains. These citizens, who now use this area for a wide range of recreational purposes, will continue to enjoy this pristine backcountry and will take great pride in passing their stewardship of this land to future generations.

By helping to conserve natural resources, Udall's bill will reinforce Colorado's position as a top destination for sportsmen and women from around the world.  The legislation will strengthen the rural communities where recreational sports, such as hunting and angling, sustain the economy.


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