Staying Vigilant in Alaska

Staying Vigilant in Alaska

By Dwayne Meadows

This morning the editorial page of the Seattle Times reminded us that, despite the loss of much of Pebble Mine’s funding when Anglo-American backed out of the project last week, we must remain vigilant. We cannot stop now.

Unlike most folks, I live and breathe the Pebble Mine fight—it is my job. I confess I breathed a sigh of relief when the largest financial backer pulled out, but I also knew that if we did not stay the course, the looming threat of mining would forever hover over our nation’s greatest salmon rivers. The Times notes, “Pebble mine is a hazard to where Bristol Bay salmon spawn and a fishing economy in Washington and Oregon. The mine is a bad idea, but a financial setback for the proposal does not mean the threat has gone away.”


It’s about these fish (photo Ken Moorish)

Keep in mind this is the hometown paper for the likes Microsoft and Boeing that’s recognizing Seattle’s historic ties to fishing. It is estimated that the Bristol Bay fishery alone provides $500 million in annual revenue to Washington. The Seattle Times is standing up against Pebble Mine for the same reason we all should—Bristol Bay is an irreplaceable resource of national importance.

And these jobs (photo Corey Arnold)

So let’s stay in the fight and give to the effort. Thanks for all the help over the years. It’s working.



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