Support grows for Our Colorado River

So much in western Colorado depends on a healthy Colorado River--agriculture, recreation, an outdoors way of life. All of that is threatened if we don't work together to take care of the river. That's the message TU is taking on the road with the new Our Colorado River initiative.

Our Colorado River asks western Coloradans to embrace some core values on water, including protecting open space and river habitat, and working cooperatively on water solutions instead of getting bogged down in conflict. In recent months, TU's Richard Van Gytenbeek has been making numerous presentations to county and city leaders and groups of all kinds, asking them to support these core values to help guide Colorado water planning efforts.

TU is striking a chord with the collaborative message. Check out this article in the Steamboat Springs Pilot this week about Routt County commissioners agreeing to sign on to the core values.  "Our primary message is one of cooperation," Van Gytenbeek told the commissioners. "Our focus is on agriculture and on recreation and tourism. Together, those are a very powerful engine on the Western Slope."

It's an economic engine that runs on water. Besides encouraging stakeholders to work together on smart water planning, TU staff and partners are ramping up infrastructure modernization projects in Colorado that improve water delivery to agriculture while ensuring healthy flows for fish and wildlife.

It's a great model for keeping the river--and the Western Slope economy--running strong.  

See TU's Our Colorado River website for more information.






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