Brookies and tenkara ... like PB&J.

I noticed the comments on the tenkara feature that ran in the summer issue of TROUT, and wanted to thank all of you for your interest. I'm a fairly recent tenkara convert, but, on the whole, I've found it to be an effective way to chase backcountry trout. Just last week, while fishing in southern Colorado in preparation for a tour TU is doing for the 2011 version of Best Wild Places, I put the tenkara rod to work on a headwater creek loaded with some very respectable brook trout.

There's something about tenkara and brookies that go together like peanut butter and jelly. I've tested my tenkara accumen against bigger fish, and while the result has been exciting and surprising, I'm more comfortable with my tenkara rod on small water. The photos in this post are just the lastest victims in my ongoing tenkara rampage. Enjoy, and thanks for reading TROUT, and for your interest in helping TU protect, reconnect, restore and sustain our priceless coldwater fisheries habitat.

--Chris Hunt

Tenkara's latest victim.


said on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

James... you hit the nail on the head. DRAG is what makes Tenkara unique, especially on small water with lots of conflicting currents. Stan, I noticed that, too... I'm a righty, but I fished the Rapidan earlier this spring and found I was almost as good southpaw as I am with the dominant hand.

I'll admit, when I first looked at tenkara, I thought it was more restrictive. In many ways, it's actually more liberating. Thanks for the comments, guys... keep 'em coming.


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