Thanks Tom

Tom Rosenbauer at the School of Trout in Last Chance, Idaho, last fall. 

I've never been a big podcast guy, and I think that's largely because I never seem to have much time on my hands to just sit back and listen. But my son, Cameron, is a huge podcast addict (and I was a bit mortified at what he's been listening to at the impressionable age of 16). He listens to podcasts at bedtime--and, on a recent road trip, he shared a couple of his favorites with me. 

Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. So I altered the programming a bit, and turned on the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast, ably hosted by Tom Rosenbauer, as we motored across Idaho recentlty. I love the Orvis podcast. Well, I should be more specific. I love the Orvis podcast library--as I said, I don't really dive into podcasts much, but I do like the ability to pluck certain gems from Rosenbauer's audio collection when I need them. 

And, no, unfortunately, Cameron wasn't really impressed. He turned over and went to sleep. Sorry, Tom. 

But, as I'm enroute to South Padre Island this week (mostly for some warm weather and some sunshine, and only partly for the chance to chase some snook in the Brownsville Shipping Channel), I cherry-picked a couple of Tom's podcasts and boned up on snook fishing and fly fishing from kayaks (I'll have a day on the Lower Laguna Madre, and I'm not going to waste it). 

So, while Cameron snoozed, I stole some great little nuggets of information that ought to make my trip south a bit more fun. 

Thanks, Tom. 

-- Chris Hunt


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