Touring Crabby Creek with Congressman Gerlach

Today, Valley Forge TU Chapter members took Congressman Jim Gerlach (6th District, Pennsylvania) to visit two sites on Crabby Creek—a tributary to Valley Creek—where the chapter has worked with countless partners over the past five years to restore the stream channel for trout habitat and address stromwater runoff downstream.  

Just northwest of Philadelphia, the Crabby Creek watershed is a major tributary to the 23-square mile Valley Creek watershed which is designated as an Exceptional Value and Class A Wild Trout watershed, the two highest water quality and biological designations that a stream can receive in Pennsylvania. Yet, despite its high quality, the Valley Creek watershed has been plagued with excess stormwater runoff and sedimentation, flooding, stream bank erosion, and channel scour, affecting the hydrology of the stream as well as its naturally reproducing population of wild trout.  Crabby Creek has been one of the main stormwater-contributing culprits and more work is needed to restore the watershed.

The Crabby Creek project, like hundreds of other projects currently underway or being planned in the Delaware River watershed, could benefit greatly from passage of the Delaware River Basin Conservation Act (DRBCA).  The DRBCA, co-sponsored by Congressman Gerlach, would create a voluntary, non-regulatory program in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to coordinate conservation and restoration activities in the Delaware River watershed and provide for a competitive grant program to help fund on-the-ground projects, like the Crabby Creek project.  We thank Congressman Gerlach for recognizing the importance of the Delaware River watershed and urge Congress to support the DRBCA and related restoration efforts.


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