Triple Divide: Pine-Genesee-Allegheny Headwaters Area

The headwaters of three famed tributaries—Pine Creek and the Genesee and Allegheny rivers—begin their descent from a 2,500-foot hill near Gold, Pa., each flowing downstream through its own unspoiled wilderness in northern Pennsylvania. In the heart of “God’s Country,” as it’s called, this area contains some of the state’s few remaining wilderness trout watersheds and a significant number of Class A Wild Trout and naturally reproducing trout waters.

Kettle Creek, Cross Fork, Sinnemahoning Creek and Hammersley Fork provide anglers with abundant opportunities to fish for wild and native trout, muskies and northern pike. New access roads for shale gas well pads, pipelines and water withdrawal locations are being built on the steep slopes of the Pine Creek Gorge, leading to significant erosion and sedimentation that has affected high quality trout streams.

To protect the world-class angling opportunities available in the Pine-Genesee-Allegheny headwaters area, anglers are working with state officials to make certain that strict erosion and sediment control measures are in place and properly functioning before construction of well pads, pipelines and roads begin and that sediment control plans are enforced.


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