Trout and climate: Hear NPR's story featuring TU


National Public Radio this morning had a great segment on the importance of trout and fly-fishing to Montana--and how that natural heritage is threatened by climate change. The piece focuses on solutions, though--and highlights an innovative partnership between TU and rancher Randy Mannix to restore several tributary streams that serve as nurseries for trout on the Blackfoot River.

Listen to the NPR segment here.

Also check out TU's short video about the Mannix Ranch partnership that gives more detail about the project and how TU is partnering with ranchers in Montana and throughout the West to make streams and rivers more resilient to the impacts of drought, climate change and fires. TU is having a huge impact where it counts--on the ground.



said on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

awesome story, and i'm glad to see the companion video with the NPR piece.  the degree difference in the stream is incredible!!!  14 degrees!


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