Trout Stream Work in WV on Hold Thanks to Shutdown

A TU project in conjunction with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in West Virginia is on hold thank to the U.S. government shutdown, and if the government isn't funded soon, the fall work season will be over before it begins.

The project on the South Fork South Branch of the Potomac River entails 650 feet of bank stabilization, and depends on the NRCS approving a $56,000 payment to a private contractor to complete the work. 

Also, a second project on the North Fork South Branch of the Potomac is on hold because the Army Corps of Engineer, without funding for operations, can't approve permits that were supposed to be released this week. This project is for 1,100 feet of bank stabilization, and the contract amount is for about $150,000.

Finally, a work crew in West Virginia has been fencing riparian areas in lower-elevations of the West Fork of the Monongahela River to funnel cattle away from sensitive areas of the stream, allowing vegetation to regrow and shade the stream, making water temperatures cooler and extending habitat for wild and native trout onto the valley floor. This project is also on hold because the government can't release $12,100 in funding it budgeted for the project.

In short, TU's work in West Virginia to make fishing better is in a holding pattern, waiting for Congress and the White House to resolve the country's government funding situation. 



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