TU Profiles: Rachel Morgan

For nine years, Rachel Morgan worked in a Caldwell, Idaho, fly shop, catering to the needs of local anglers, and distributing advice on local waters freely. Rachel is an upbeat lady, personable, friendly and passionate about the craft that she credits with saving her life.

A traumatic childhood left behind deep wounds that she's struggled to overcome for years. Several years ago, she discovered that retreating to the water was the best way to salve those old emotional injuries and eventually help them scar over. She's at her best with a fly rod in her hands, and people she loves around her. She's a single mom of two-her daughter, Monet, is in her first year at Boise State University, and her son, Rico, is a senior at Caldwell High School.

She works full-time, but not a fly shop anymore, and it's likely that, during any given lunch hour, you'll find her casting to the picky trout in the Boise River, a short walk from her job.

"The water is where I feel whole," she says. "I owe my life to fly fishing-if I hadn't discovered how it helps heal the soul, I don't know if I'd be around any longer."

Today, Rachel is an officer in the local women's fly fishing club, and she's a member of the Ted Trueblood Chapter of Trout Unlimited in Boise. She fishes the Owyhee River in eastern Oregon, as well as the Boise River and all over Idaho when she gets the chance.

She never meets a stranger, and she's quick to start up a conversation, especially if it has to do with fishing. She's an accomplished angler with a flawless cast, and it's easy to see, when she's on the water, that this is a woman at peace.


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