TU Teen Summit FAQs -- 2014

Come to TU’s Teen Summit to meet other TU teens from across the country, talk about how TU can better engage teen members, learn how to become a TU leader in your community, work on a service project and fish! Spend three days in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area with a group of new friends that love fishing, the outdoors and TU as much as you do. 

Who is planning the summit?
The 2014 TU Teen summit is being planned by TU’s TU’s staff and adult volunteers, with help from the National Youth Leadership Council (YLC).  TU’s YLC is a group of teens, ages 13-19, who are working with TU staff and volunteers to develop and improve TU’s teen programs.
How do I apply?
How do I get to the TU Teen Summit?
You are responsible for getting yourself to the Summit on Saturday, June 28th by 5 pm. We are holding the Summit at the Sugar Creek Bible Camp, located in southwestern Wisconsin’s Driftless Area.  Sugar Creek is in Ferryville, WI. If you are flying, the closest airport is Lacrosse Regional Airport in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, which is served by American and Delta Airlines through connections in Detroit, Chicago, and Minneapolis. If you choose to fly into LaCrosse, contact us when you make your plane reservations and TU will arrange a ride from the airport to the Summit. We will send more detailed instructions and directions when we select and notify attendees.
Can a family adult (parent, grandparent, etc.) attend with me?
The TU Teen Summit is an event for teens.  We do not provide lodging for adults, but there are accommodations in the area for any adults that may travel with you.  Your family will also find abundant recreation opportunities.  In May we will share details about any events that your family is invited to attend, such as the summit’s closing ceremony.  Workshops, activities, most meals and discussion sessions are for teens and summit staff only.  
Why do you require me to answer essay questions? How do you decide who gets to come?
We want to make sure we have a range of ages, hometowns and experiences represented at the
Summit. Also, we want to invite teens who have interesting ideas about how to get more teens into TU and who are interested in being leaders in their communities and helping increase teen involvement in TU.  Not all teens who apply are accepted to the Summit.
What do I need to bring?
Clothes, toiletries, and fishing gear. We will send a detailed list to selected summiteers.
Who do I contact if I or my parents have more questions?
You can find other TU Teens, including teens that attended last year’s Summit and are members of TU’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC), in the TU Teen Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/TUTeens.  There you can ask any questions you have—just ask to join the group.
You can also contact Franklin Tate, Director of TU’s Headwaters Youth Program (828.398.0178), or Rochelle Gandour-Rood, Program Coordinator ( 917.803.0743).

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