"It is with great sadness I have to report the passing of Tyler Lowe, a Great Smoky Mountain chapter member."

As I left a meeting I received an email from fellow GSMTU chapter member Andrew Holt letting me know, Andrew was a friend of Tyler's and his fishing buddy.

Tyler's passing was a job related accident involving his highway construction job. Due to the many agencies involved details will be released as they conclude their investigative work.

What is most important is the amazing life he led in such a short time. I am always amazed by our members when I find out the details of their lives and careers. I have known some members for years and as we all know fishing and the outdoors world is the great equalizer. We do not care what your job title is, how much money you have, or your education level. What matters is the quality of the person, are you a steward of the land and it's resources, can I count on you when I need a hand and most important your relationship to your family and friends.

Please read the story of Tyler Lowe below, a young man taken to soon with amazing talents beyond his age. I attended the memorial visitation and what will always stick with me was the display of his photos and favorite team jerseys (Cubs!). The picture I will not forget was a young man standing midstream with a grin ear to ear as he held just above the water a trophy size trout anyone would love to catch. Fish on young man!

LINK: http://m.legacy.com/obituaries/KnoxNews/obituary.aspx?n=Tyler-Robert-Lowe&pid=186664482&referrer=1477&preview=True






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