Unlimited Trout?

"You want to be a fishtronaut? You can swim on the moon!"

By Chris Hunt

Fresh off the two-night premiere of "Hank Patterson and the Mystery of the CuttyRainBrown" in Montana, Travis Swartz (aka, Hank Patterson, himself) has produced a TU-specific video that pokes a bit of fun at the organization, but does an inspiring job of describing what Trout Unlimited does to make fisheries—and fishing—better all across America. 

Meant to encourage attendees at the many planned screenings of "CuttyRainBrown" over the next several months to join TU and become active in coldwater fisheries conservation, the membership video is quick, entertaining and, frankly, uplifting. 

The video depicts the venerable guide querrying two new fly fishers on the banks of an icy Western river about their qualifications when it comes to their chance to fish with the great Hank Patterson. When asked what Trout Unlimited its, Hank goes into a monologue that will bring smiles to the faces of TU-ers everywhere. To wit (queue the grandiose, epic motion picture soundtrack): "It's about saying that you, you young fish, you can be anything that you want!"

Hank Explains TU To Some Newbies

What does it take to spend a day on the water with Hank Patterson? At the minimum, a TU membership. One angler notes that he likely doesn't need a TU membership because he doesn't plan on keeping any fish. Hank's reply?

"You will if you're gonna fish with me."

Nicely done, Travis ... and Hank. We're grateful for all you do for TU and for continually putting smiles on the faces of anglers everywhere.

Chris Hunt is TU's national communications director. He works from Idaho Falls, Idaho.



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