Upper Delaware (Northeast Pennsylvania)

A federally-designated Wild and Scenic River, the Upper Delaware is one of the best places to fish for wild trout in the East. The insect hatches are prolific and the trout are plenty on the Delaware. In addition to the coldwater trout fishery, the Delaware River and some of the larger tributaries are home to other important recreational fish such as striped bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, muskies, channel catfish and shad.

The Delaware River is the economic lifeblood that sustains the region. Along with the neighboring Beaverkill, the East Branch, West Branch and the upper main stem of the Delaware River in New York, wild trout fishing generates over $29 million in annual economic activity for small rural communities—making the Delaware River the economic lifeblood that sustains the region. Much of the private land in the Upper Delaware watershed has been leased to drilling companies. The Delaware River Basin Commission—the inter-governmental body responsible for managing the river and its tributaries—estimates that thousands of gas wells will be developed in close proximity to the headwater streams of the sparsely populated upper Delaware Basin.

Before drilling is permitted in the Delaware River watershed, sportsmen and women are calling for a comprehensive, scientific assessment of the cumulative impacts of developing thousands of gas wells in the watershed, to ensure that irreplaceable resources are adequately protected.


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