Upstream Journey

What do you get when you combine the "sausage-making" background of a D.C. policy wonk and a passion for chasing wild and native fish on the fly?

You get a six-month travelogue from an inspired young angler who likely has more understanding of how intact habitat translates into angling opportunity than most seasoned sportsmen and women all across America.

Paul Moinester, who spent nearly five years navigating the halls of government working as a congressional aide specializing in energy and the environment, quit his job last spring and embarked on a 20,000 mile, six-month journey across North America. The mission: chase wild fish and blog about the challenges those fish face, what needs to be done to protect them and how we, as anglers, can play a role in conservation.

Paul's journey started in south Florida and is nearing its end in the Rockies of western Canada. The last dispatch he sent my way started with "Greetings from Whitehorse, Yukon..."

Fishing isn't enough. As anglers, we owe our pastime more than just simple participation. We owe it more than just being devoted gear junkies who can't wait for the next great fly rod to hit the market. If we're not giving back... if we're not investing in the habitat that makes fishing happen... we're not doing our part.

That's what I absolutely love about TU and our devoted volunteers. They get it. They get the connection between their fishing and the health of the places fish swim. We need more volunteers. We need more Paul Moinesters to raise awareness and hold all of us accountable. 

Congratulations on summer well-spent, Paul. And thanks for doing your part to make fishing better for the rest of us.


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