Video spotlight: Slow Down the Fall

It wouldn't hurt any of us to slow down a little when we fish this fall. We could all stand to take a little more time through a run while the golden leaves of riverside cottonwoods catch that afternoon sun just right, or to plop down on mid-stream boulder and take a sip from the flask as we fight off that October bluster that's sure to become a November gale in just a few short weeks. 

Slow Down the Fall - Slow Motion Fly Fishing

I enjoyed this short piece above for that very reason. Slowing down this time of year is a good thing. As these days get shorter and cooler, it's good to spend more daylight time on the things that fill us up—experential hypherphagia, if you will. Atumn won't last forever. Winter and the desire to hybernate will be on us soon. 

Enjoy fall while you can. 

— Chris Hunt


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