Voices from the River: We care about clean water

Editor’s note: Coloradans turned out in force (and in full voice) for today’s Clean Water for Colorado rally in downtown Denver, an event put together by TU and other conservation groups, as well as local outdoor businesses such as RepYourWater, Confluence Kayaks and Downriver Equipment. The rally—right across the street from the regional EPA building—sent a clear, loud message to the EPA and elected officials back in D.C.: Coloradans care about clean water.

Among the speakers was Corinne Doctor of RepYourWater. Here are her remarks to the crowd:

“My name is Corinne Doctor and my husband and I founded and own the fishing apparel company RepYourWater. We have made conservation a cornerstone of our business by donating a portion of all sales to our conservation partners, one of which is Colorado Trout Unlimited. We knew at the time that we started over six years ago as we followed our passion and got into the outdoor industry, we wanted to do more than just sell hats.

“We wanted to make a difference, even as a small business. And this year alone, we are on track to donate at least $50,000 to those conservation partners.

“The Clean Water Rule is essential. We cannot risk having the EPA roll it back. That action would result in leaving the majority of the streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands in the lower 48 without protection. We, in the outdoor and more specifically fishing industry, know that without clean water, we have no business. The sports and hobbies on which our business depends rely on the water to be clean and hospitable habitat for fish and wildlife. For this multi-billion dollar industry, our economy can’t risk that.

“Even beyond the outdoor industry, this action could take away protections for 60 percent of all U.S. streams, 20 million acres of wetlands and waters that contribute to the drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans. No one can ignore that. We need to know that our government is keeping its people healthy and we need them to know that we care about clean water!

“We in Colorado need to be sure our voices are heard. Being part of the seventh generation of my family to call this great state home, I can take the outdoor playground that it provides for granted. But we can’t deny that the booming housing market and incredible job market are due in great part to the outdoor accessibility here. Our Colorado economy absolutely requires non-polluted water to thrive. People move here to take part in all that our state has to offer, a huge draw being the outdoor experiences and amazing craft beer and other delicacies that need clean, non-polluted water to thrive.

“Personally—and I know that I am not the only one here for whom this rings true—fishing makes up a huge part of my life. Very selfishly I want to ensure that our fisheries here in the United States maintain their health and vibrancy. In our ever-evolving, tech-focused world, an escape to the wilderness does wonders. Be sure to have your voice heard, for today and future generations.

"We care about clean water!"

To take a stand for clean water, go to TU's Action Center and raise your voice!  



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