Want to fish Yellowstone? For free?

for the the TU Blogger Tour 2012, and two winning bloggers will get the chance to come to Yellowstone this summer and experience all the park has to offer for anglers.

The focus of this year's blogger tour is Yellowstone National Park and the effort to remove invasive lake trout from Yellowstone Lake, as well as the National Park Service's plan to restore native trout and grayling to the park's storied waters. Starting July 24, two winning bloggers will join a tour that includes TROUT Magazine editor Kirk Deeter, where they'll get to see Yellowstone Lake, and the Park Service's netting efforts to catch and remove non-native lake trout. Additionally, touring bloggers will get to see the Yellowstone River, Yellowstone Falls and the storied Lamar River Valley, home to some great fly fishing for native Yellowstone cutthroat trout and the best place in the park to see wolves and grizzly bears. We might even throw in a bit of time at Old Faithful, just so you can say you've seen it all. The tour will conclude July 28.

The essay contest is open to all outdoor bloggers with established blogs. You can learn more about the tour, the entry requirements and... the PRIZES, which include items for a number of winners, not just the two bloggers who get to come to Yellowstone and experience the park, at the Outdoor Blogger Network.

Stay tuned... much more on this to come in the days and weeks ahead!

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said on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Hi Chris...
As you might guess, putting an event like this together isn't cheap, so when we do, we want to bring folks along who can help us reach a decent audience. So "established" would mean a blogger who's been at it for a while, has a following and who actively promotes his or her work through social media. Nobody is disqualified from entering the contest--it's open to all bloggers, frankly. But we want to bring bloggers along on the trip who can help us spread the word about the challenges facing Yellowstone. Hope that helps... and thanks for you comment!


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